Desaru Water Park

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is one of the World’s Biggest Waterparks. Set against the backdrop of a Malaysian fishing village, visitors can immerse themselves in One of the Biggest Wave Pools in the world and experience a First-of-its-Kind Water Coaster in the region. Located within the premium integrated destination resort of Desaru Coast in Johor, the new waterpark offers a unique mix of wet & dry rides and slides offering something for everyone.

Dinosaur Trail Trekking

Travel back in time to the Triassic age, even before the dinosaurs roamed the earth to mesmerize the beachside rocks formed by ash and molten lava that had erupted from an underwater volcano on the South China sea millions of years ago. This was a 2 1/2 km Dinosaur trail and one of the most fascinating formations that’s still exist to date. Each rock had its own unique features- with vibrant colors that forms the perfect habitat for various marine life.

Temala Beach

Located near the southern tip of Malaysia, Temala Beach is one of those secluded beaches that is still well preserved and untouched. Take a morning stroll or run along this coastline from the rocky beach front of Sea horizon resort all the way to Temala Beach. Catch the magnificent sunrise over the horizon while doing so …

Sedili Besar

At the northern end of Teluk Mahkota bay lies the villages of Tanjung Sedili and Sedili Besar and a river known as Sungai Sedili Besar, whilst at the southern end of the bay lies the village of Sedili Kechil and the river known as Sungai Sedili Kechil. Travel back in time to the old fishing village to experience the peaceful and laid back way of living, and have a cup of local coffee in the only remaining wooden coffee shop built back in the old days.

WWII Historic Remnant

According to the folks that are still alive to tell the story, this 80 year old burning pit was built during the Japanese occupation in WWII. The usage of the burning pit is unknown though. For you history buffs, it is just a bicycle ride away from the old fishing village of Sedili Besar

Historic Chinese Temple

Built in 1948 right after WWII, this Chinese temple was built on a Malay reserved land courtesy of a kind Malay gentleman resided in the quiet town of Sedili Besar. Such act of kindness is a statement of the close knitted community of Sedili Besar that embraces multi-cultural living. The temple sits on a four acres land on a hill directly facing the South China Sea which is said to be the perfect spot for worshippers that believe in “Feng Shui

Cotton Tree

Have you ever seen cotton on a tree? Yes it is a rare sight but that's something you can treasure hunt for when you are exploring the interesting town of Sedili Besar


Located just stone throw away from Sedili Besar Jetty, this magnificent mosque is a sacred place for local Muslims to carry out their daily prayers.

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